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NFL Power Rankings (Week 3)

Week 3

1)   New York Giants (2-0)

Plaxico Burress who? Mario Manningham and Steve Smith have played like pro-bowlers so far.

2)  Baltimore Ravens (2-0)

Their offense has drastically improved and their defense is always stingey.

3)  Atlanta Falcons (2-0)

“Matty Ice” has picked up where he left off last season and his new toy Tony Gonzalez has been a difference maker. 

4)  Minnesota Vikings (2-0)

 Adrian Peterson is a straight beast and their defense is solid, but I want to see what happens when Brett Favre has to air it out. 

5)  Indianapolis Colts (2-0)

Vintage Peyton Manning against the Dolphins, but they have to find a way to sustain drives and get their defense off the field.

6)  Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1)

Parker and Mendenhall have to get back on track if the Steelers want to repeat. 

7)  New York Jets (2-0)

Their defense is for real and don’t sleep on Sanchez, he looks very comfortable early on in the season. 

8)  New Orleans Saints (2-0)

Drew Brees has the Saints’ offense looking virtually unstoppable. If the defense gets better, watch out for the Saints.

9)  San Diego Chargers (1-1)

 LT’s hurt and defense has key injuries, but Philip Rivers can chuck the pigskin.

10) San Francisco 49ers (2-0)

Mike Singletary has the 49ers playing smash-mouth football and say what you want about Shaun Hill, but he’s 9-3 as the starter.

11) New England Patriots (1-1)

Brady and Belichick don’t look to be on the same page so far and the defense has lost most of its leaders. 

12) Philadelphia Eagles (1-1)

They need McNabb to come back quickly if they want to compete for the top spot in the NFC East.

13) Chicago Bears (1-1)

Jay Cutler has to be more consistent in order for the Bears to make some noise.

14) Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

Their defense gives up too many big plays and Romo needs to limit the turnovers, especially in big spots.

15) Buffalo Bills (1-1)

 Trent Edwards and Fred Jackson have been impressive so far and they could easily be 2-0.


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