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MLB Postseason Preview (ALDS/NLDS)

Yankees vs. Twins

The Yanks were 7-0 against the Twins in the regular season. They have too much offense for both the Twins pitching staff and batters to keep up with. Even though the Twins come into the postseason hot, I think this will be a quick series. Look for the Yankees to sweep.

Angels vs. Red Sox

This looks like an intriguing matchup between two teams that are pretty evenly matched and well balanced. The Red Sox offense has been coming on strong lately, mainly because Big Papi is back to his original form. But the Red Sox pitching staff has big questions within it, like the status of Jon Lester, the inconsistency of Matsuzaka, and the inexperience of Buchholz. But their bullpen is considerably better than the Angel’s pen. On the other hand, the Angels have a balanced lineup and will run all over the Red Sox. That being said I think this series will go down to the wire, with the Angels pulling it out in the fifth and final game.

Phillies vs. Rockies

The Rockies come into the postseason on a roll, but they run into a very balanced Phillies team. The Phillies have a lineup filled with both power and speed. Cliff Lee joins Cole Hamels at the top of the rotation, giving the Phillies a very stable and consistent one-two combo. The Rockies offense is capable of putting up some runs, but they’re predominantly left-handed, which doesn’t bode well against a predominantly left-handed Phillies rotation. I look for the Phillies to put the Rockies away in four games.

Cardinals vs. Dodgers

I think this is the most interesting matchup in either division. The Dodgers have a formidable lineup filled with power at almost every position. Their pitching staff has some young starters with a lot of potential, but lacks a true number one starter. The Cardinals, on the other hand, have in my opinion the best pitching rotation in the majors. They have two legitimit number ones, not to mention Cy Young candidates in Carpenter and Wainwright and a solid back of the rotation which include Pineiro and Lohse. Their offense is filled with guys who get timely hits like Rasmus, Ryan, and Schumaker, along with the big boppers which include Holliday and of course the best hitter in baseball, Albert Pujols. I look for the Cardinals to win this series in five games.     

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