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NFL Power Rankings (Week 5)

1)  Saints (4-0) – LW 4

Everyone knew the Saints offense was going to be lethal, but who would have known that their defense would be this good. They lead the lead with a plus 7 turnover ratio.

2)  Colts (4-0) – LW 3

Peyton Manning has the Colts offense in full stride, leading the league in passing touchdowns, passing yards, and receiving yards.

3)  Giants (4-0) – LW 1

The G-Men are on a roll and Steve Smith isn’t playing like just the “other” Steve Smith, but everything rides on Manning’s status for the upcoming weeks. 

4)  Vikings (4-0) – LW 6

Brett Favre played great in the Vikings win against the Packers, and Jared Allen was in the Packers backfield for seemingly the entire game. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention their beast of a running back. What’s his name again?

5)  Patriots (3-1) – LW 7

The Patriots’s defense has picked up their play the last two games. Brandon Meriweather has taken over as the big play defender for the injured Jerod Mayo. The Pats are rounding into shape, look out. 

6)  Ravens (3-1) – LW 2

If it wasn’t for some bad roughing the passer calls and Mark Clayton’s hands, or lack there of, the Ravens would still be undefeated. 

7)  Jets (3-1) – LW 5

Sanchez had a little bit of a hiccup, but he gets a big new toy to throw to in Braylen Edwards.

8)  49ers (3-1) – LW 10

Statement game for the 49ers this week against the Falcons.

9)  Steelers (2-2) – LW nr

Mendenhall has to keep his momentum in order for the Steelers to get back to their winning ways.

10)  Broncos (4-0) – LW 15

Their defense was dominant against a pretty good Dallas offense and Brandon Marshall has once again emerged as a big play receiver.

11)  Bears (3-1) – LW 13

Cutler looks great and Forte got back on track against the Lions.

12)  Falcons (2-1) – LW 8

Tough game in San Fran against the 49ers.

13)  Bengals (3-1) – LW 12

I don’t know how they keep winning, but whatever they’re doing, it’s working.

14)  Eagles (2-1) – LW 11

McNabb and Westbrook are back this week.

15)  Jaguars (2-2) – LW nr

Garrard is playing unbelievably well right now and MJD has a chance to take it to the house every time he touches the ball.

16)  Chargers (2-2) – LW 9

Chargers have yet to put together a complete game.

17)  Texans (2-2) – LW nr

Their offense is starting to come together.

18)  Packers (2-2) – LW 14

Their offensive line is non-existent.

19)  Cardinals (1-2) – LW nr

The Cardinals need to incorporate a more balanced offensive attack.

20)  Cowboys (2-2) – LW nr

Romo has to cut down on the turnovers.

21)  Dolphins (1-3) – LW nr

It’s going to be tough to win with Henne’s inexperience at quarterback, but their defense is solid and their running game is capable of carrying the offense.

22)  Seahawks (1-3) – LW nr

Seneca Wallace can only do so much behind an injured offensive line.

23)  Titans (0-4) – LW nr

Kerry Collins looks awful, and where did LenDale White go?

24)  Bills (1-3) – LW nr

Trent Edwards isn’t doing too well with the new no huddle offense. 

25)  Panthers (0-3) – LW nr

They’ll get their first win when Delhomme decides to throw it to the guys wearing the same jersey.

26)  Lions (1-3) – LW nr

Their first break in years, Matt Stafford isn’t seriously injured.

27)  Redskins (2-2) – LW nr 

Redskins rebounded from their pathetic loss to the Lions last week by beating the woeful Bucs. I think change is in their future.

28)  Chiefs (0-4) – LW nr

The Chiefs are 2 for 26 on third down conversions over their last two games. Not a good recipe for success.

29)  Buccaneers (0-4) – LW nr

The Bucs give up big play after big play, no wonder they’re winless.

30)  Browns (0-4) – LW nr

Quinn or Anderson? Quinn or Anderson?…Neither?

31)  Raiders (1-3) – LW nr

McFadden’s injured, Russell can’t pass for over 150 yards, and Coach Cable is possibly going to be arrested. What more can I say?

32)  Rams (0-4) – LW nr

This year’s Detroit Lions?

LW=Last Week

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