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Yanks and Angels Sweep, Meet in ALCS


The Angels punched their ticket to the ALCS with a 2 out ninth inning rally against Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon. The Sox entered the ninth inning with a two run lead, but the scrappy Angels put up three runs against the Red Sox’s all-star closer, capped off by a two run single by Vlad Guerrero. Brian Fuentes closed out the game and the Angels completed a very impressive sweep of the Red Sox.


The Yankees trailed late in the sixth inning, but A-Rod and Posada went back to back to put the Yankees in the lead for good. The Yanks added two more runs in the ninth inning and swept the Twins behind a solid pitching performance by Andy Pettitte and more base-running blunders by the Twins.

Yankees vs. Angels ALCS Prediction

Starters – Im going to give the slight edge to the Yankees. C.C. and A.J. are two powerful arms at the top of the rotation and Pettitte is an experienced and dependable third starter.

Bullpen – The Yankees definitely have the better bullpen in this series. Their combination of Hughes in the eighth and Mo in the ninth is one of the best in the majors. Plus Joba, Aceves, Coke, and Robertson are solid middle relievers who can come into the game in big situations and get out of jams.

Lineup – Again I have to give the edge to the Yankees. Their batting order is 9 deep. You can’t really pitch around anyone. The Yanks have power in almost every spot in their order, and with the emergence of A-Rod so far this postseason the Yankees look virtually unstoppable.

Manager – Here’s where I give the edge to the Angels. Mike Scocia has much more experience than Joe Girardi, plus Scocia has shown that he knows how to manage against the Yankees in the regular season and especially in the postseason.

Prediction – Despite giving the edge to the Yankees in three of the four categories, I do not think the Yanks will be any means roll over the Angels. This will be a tight, hard fought series, but in the end I think the Yankees will beat the Angels in seven games and advance to the World Series.

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