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NFL Power Rankings (Week 6)

1)  Colts (5-0) – LW 2

Peyton Manning shredded the Titans defense to the tune of another 300+ yard game along with 3 tds. Look at their schedule, they can be undefeated for a while.

2)  Giants (5-0) – LW 3

The Giants thoroughly dominated the Raiders on both sides of the ball. Their first real test comes next week against a strong Saints team.

3)  Saints (4-0) – LW 1

The Saints face off against the G-Men next week. This will be an early measuring stick for both teams.

4)  Vikings (5-0) – LW 4

Easy game against the Rams.

5)  Broncos (5-0) – LW 10

Great come from behind victory against the Patriots. Their defense is among the elites and as long as Kyle Orton protects the ball they will keep winning.

6)  Bengals (4-1) – LW 13

Cedric Benson ran for over 100 yards against the Ravens! The Bengals came from behind to win again, they’re legit.

7)  Falcons (3-1) – LW 12

Atlanta absolutely destroyed the 49ers last week.

8)  Eagles (3-1) – LW 14

Jeremy Maclin has emerged as another deep threat for the Eagles and McNabb.

9)  Patriots (3-2) – LW 5

Brady should have a field day against a terrible Tennessee pass defense.

10)  Ravens (3-2) – LW 6

Two tough losses in a row. They need a win against the undefeated Vikings.

11)  Jets (3-2) – LW 7

Braylon Edwards has already shown that he is a difference maker.

12)  Bears (3-1) – LW 11

They have weapons on offense and their defense has been solid, even without Urlacher.

13)  Steelers (3-2) – LW 9

Mendenhall has played well, but the defense has been surprisingly disappointing so far.

14)  49ers (3-2) – LW 8

 They desperately need Gore to return after the bye week.

15)  Chargers (2-2) – LW 16

Big division game against the broncos at home this week.

16)  Packers (2-2) – LW 18

Hopefully they fixed their offensive line problems over the bye week. 

17)  Dolphins (2-3) – LW 21

Chad Henne played like a veteran down the stretch in the fourth quarter on monday night. The Dolphins may have found their quarterback of the future.

18)  Cowboys (3-2) – LW 20

The Cowboys have struggled so far this season, especially on offense.

19)  Seahawks (2-3) – LW 22

Matt Hasselbeck came back from his injury and didn’t miss a beat, thumping the Jaguars. They have a big division game against the Cardinals this week.

20)  Texans (2-3) – LW 17

Great potential, but too inconsistent at times.

21)  Cardinals (2-2) – LW 19

They need a running game. That means you, Beanie Wells!

22)  Jaguars (2-3) – LW 15

We’ll see if they can bounce back after a humiliating loss to Seattle.

23)  Panthers (1-3) – LW 25

They got their first win last week, but it was against a bad Redskins team, so this doesn’t really show progression.

24)  Redskins (2-3) – LW 27 

The Redskins haven’t played a team with a win yet this season (when they played the Giants in the first game of the season they were obviously 0-0) and their record is 2-3, uh that’s not good.

25)  Lions (1-4) – LW 26

I know they’re 1-4 but they have played better than that.

26)  Bills (1-4) – LW 24

Their offense could only muster up 3 points against the Brown’s defense, that’s bad.

27)  Titans (0-5) – LW 23

I think Vince Young would be a nice change of scenery at starting qb.

28)  Chiefs (0-5) – LW 28

At least they seem to be progressing week by week. They gave the Cowboys all they could handle.

29)  Browns (1-4) – LW 30

They scored 6 points against a Buffalo defense that was lacking 4 starters in the secondary and a run defense that allowed over 200 rushing yards last week. Really?

30)  Buccaneers (0-5) – LW 29

Another horrendous performance by their defense.

31)  Rams (0-5) – LW 32

Tough to watch them right now.

32)  Raiders (1-4) – LW 31

Pathetic performance all around against the Giants. It keeps getting worse and worse for the Raiders.

LW=Last Week

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