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NFL Power Rankings (Week 7)

1)  Saints (6-0) – LW 3

Drew Brees torched the Giants secondary. The G-Men didn’t get any pressure on Brees and paid for their lackluster defensive performance to the tune of a 48-27 smack down.

2)  Colts (5-0) – LW 1

They only dropped from #1 because of their bye week and the Saints beat up on the Giants.

3)  Vikings (6-0) – LW 4

Another exciting win for the Vikings. Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson have shown that they are a lethal combination. 

4)  Broncos (6-0) – LW 5

Eddie Royal’s punt return and kickoff return touchdowns sparked a huge win against the rival Chargers. The Broncos have taken a strangle hold on the AFC West. 

5)  Falcons (4-1) – LW 7

The Falcon’s defense stepped up, especially in the red-zone.

6)  Patriots (4-2) – LW 9

They absolutely obliterated the pathetic Titans, 59-0. The offense looks like it’s back on track. We could see a repeat performance next week against the Bucs.

7)  Giants (5-1) – LW 2

 The Giants secondary was non-existent against the best offense in the NFL. The G-Men have to fix the holes in the secondary or they will get torched again next week against the Cardinals.

8)  Steelers (4-2) – LW 13

They dominate the Browns every year, but their real test is next week against the Vikings.

9)  Bengals (4-2) – LW 6

The Bengal’s defense couldn’t stop Texans qb Matt Schaub, who threw for 392 yards and 4 tds.

10)  Ravens (3-3) – LW 10

Ray Rice brought the Ravens back in the fourth quarter, but kicker Steven Hauschka missed the game winning field-goal and the Ravens lost their third game in a row.

11)  Bears (3-2) – LW 12

Cutler’s interception and Forte’s fumbles in the red-zone killed the Bear’s chances of getting a nice win against the Falcons.

12)  49ers (3-2) – LW 14

Frank Gore should put them back on track.

13)  Packers (3-2) – LW 16

They shut out the Lions last week and can do the same to the Browns next week.

14)  Jets (3-3) – LW 11

Sanchez has to cut down on the interceptions if the Jets want to get back to their winning ways.

15)  Cardinals (3-2) – LW 21

Big test against the Giants next week.

16)  Eagles (3-2) – LW 8

They ran the ball only 14 times against the Raiders last week; what kind of play calling is that? 

17)  Cowboys (3-2) – LW 18

The Cowboys’s record is a little deceiving, considering all of their wins have been against teams with a losing record.

18)  Chargers (2-3) – LW 15

It’s the same old talented but inconsistent Chargers.

19)  Dolphins (2-3) – LW 17

If Henne can play with consistency then the Dolphins will be a very competitive team.

20)  Texans (3-3) – LW 20

They haave the potential to put up 40 points at anytime, but they’re too inconsistent to be taken for real.

21)  Seahawks (2-4) – LW 19

The injury bug has striked the Seahawks again.

22)  Jaguars (3-3) – LW 22

The Jags barely beat the Rams after a blowout loss to the Seahawks the previous week.

23)  Panthers (2-3) – LW 23

They’ve reeled off two wins against bad teams. Steve Smith isn’t happy with the way he’s being used in the offense and who could blame him.

24)  Raiders (2-4) – LW 32

Surprising win against the Eagles last week.

25)  Bills (2-4) – LW

Hard fought victory on the road without Trent Edwards against the Jets last week.

26)  Chiefs (1-5) – LW 28

The Chiefs are playing hard. They were very competitive in their games versus the Cowboys and Ravens.

27)  Redskins (2-4) – LW 24

Maybe taking the offense play calling duties away from Jim Zorn can revamp their offense.

28)  Lions (1-5) – LW 25

Stafford and Culpepper are injured, their down to Drew Stanton at qb.

29)  Browns (1-5) – LW 29

Their offense is dreadful, no qb and no wide receivers.

30)  Rams (0-6) – LW 31

At least their somewhat competitive in their losses.

31)  Titans (0-6) – LW 27

They have serious problems, hence their 59-0 defeat at the hand of the Patriots.

32)  Buccaneers (0-6) – LW 30

They face the Patriots next week, that could be ugly.

LW=Last Week

  1. anonymous
    October 28, 2009 at 1:31 AM

    the giants record i believe is just as deceiving as the cowboys their yet to beat a good team and can very easily be looking at a 3 game losing streak going into Philly this week they have a rough schedule ahead of them and if they don’t start playing better against the better teams they may very well find themselves missing a playoff spot

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