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NFL Power Rankings (Week 10)

1)  Saints (8-0) – LW 1

They have to avoid a letdown against the dismal Rams next week, but I think they’ll jump on the Rams early.

2)  Colts (8-0) – LW 2

Colts vs Pats next week, I can’t wait.

3)  Steelers (6-2) – LW 7

They’re looking to even up the season series against the hated Bengals.

4)  Vikings (7-1) – LW 3

I suspect no rust coming off their bye week.

5)  Bengals (6-2) – LW 5

The Bengals are looking to sweep the Steelers next week.

6)  Patriots (6-2) – LW 6

They’re back in first place in the AFC East and playing better every week.

7)  Broncos (6-2) – LW 4

Their defense has been consistently solid, but their offense has less than stellar at times.

8)  Cardinals (5-3) – LW 14

The Cardinals are 1-3 at home this year, but 4-0 at home.

9)  Cowboys (6-2) – LW 9

Same talented Cowboys except this time it looks like they are more focused and have less distractions.

10)  Falcons (5-3) – LW 11

Despite not beating their big-time opponents the Falcons are still in a great position to win the wild-card.

11)  Chargers (5-3) – LW 16

Philip Rivers led a late fourth quarter game winning drive against the Giants. Lets see if this momentum can help the Chargers finally play up to their potential and sustain it.

12)  Eagles (5-3) – LW 8

Tough loss against the Cowboys last week. They need a healthy Westbrook to overtake first place in the NFC East.

13)  Texans (5-4) – LW 13

Mistakes at crucial times have killed them, exhibit A was last week folly against Indy.

14)  Ravens (4-4) – LW 10

Cedric Benson ran for 100+ yards in both games against the Raven’s defense. What happened to their heralded run-stopping defense?

15)  Giants (5-4) – LW 15

They have to start showing some sense of urgency if they want to stay in the race for the NFC East.

16)  Packers (4-4) – LW 12

Absolutely horrendous loss in Tampa Bay. There’s nothing more to say.

17)  Dolphins (3-5) – LW 18

Their schedule is rough, and they are a better team than their record insists.

18)  Jets (4-4) – LW 19

Their defense needs to get “nasty” again.

19)  Bears (4-4) – LW 17

The Cardinals had their way with a porous Bears defense, scoring on every possession in the first half.

20)  49ers (3-5) – LW 20

They lost 4 in a row but I wouldn’t panic yet, mainly because of their weak division.

21)  Jaguars (4-4) – LW 22

If their defense limits the damage, they can be dangerous because of their playmakers on offense.

22)  Panthers (3-5) – LW 23

If (this is a huge if) Delhomme can avoid turnovers then the Panthers can turn it around and contend for a playoff spot.

23)  Titans (2-6) – LW 26

Vince Young is playing well, but they’re winning because Chris Johnson is running out of his mind and the defense is playing much better.

24)  Seahawks (3-5) – LW 24

Must win against the Cardinals next week.

25)  Bills (3-5) – LW 21

Fitzpatrick has filled in admirably. Is there a qb controversy?

26)  Redskins (2-6) – LW 25 

Once again the Redskins talent doesn’t live up to their potential.

27)  Chiefs (1-7) – LW 28

A poor offensive line and a quarterback that holds on to the ball until the last possible second aren’t a good combination.

28)  Raiders (2-6) – LW 27

Let’s see if the bye week gave them time to regroup, I doubt it.

29)  Bucs (1-7) – LW 32 

Josh Freeman looked GREAT in his debut.

30)  Lions (1-7) – LW 29

Calvin Johnson comes back next week, that’s positive, I guess.

31)  Rams (1-7) – LW 30

They play the Saints next week, it keeps getting worse.

32)  Browns (1-7) – LW 31

Uh, really, I’m speechless.

LW=Last Week

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