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My Top 10 Dunkers in the NBA Today

1)  LeBron James 

LBJ is freak athlete who dunks with both power and finesse. Defenders scatter when he drives to the rack.  

2)  Dwight Howard

Everyone gets out of the way when he gets the ball in deep post position.

3)  Dwyane Wade

Just ask Anderson Varejao how he feels after getting absolutely embarrassed  by my man D-Wade. Check out Wade’s dunk over Varejao @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSA_Di2vliU

4)  Josh Smith

He takes off from basically anywhere on the floor and seemingly glides through the air.


5)  Andre Iguodala

In my opinion Iggy is one of the most under-appreciated dunkers in the game. He lives over the rim.

6)  Kobe Bryant

Kobe loves to create dunks while soaring through the air, especially when he drives baseline.

7)  Amare Stoudemire

He’s a center, but he throws down acrobatic dunks like a guard.

8)  Rudy Gay

Gay has great body control in the air and can each jump over defenders or finesse his way around them.

9)  Vince Carter

While Vince’s best days are behind him, he still holds his own with the rest of the young dunkers. His style is unique and he is a great innovator.

10)  Trevor Ariza

Ariza soars through the air and isn’t afraid to challenge the trees inside, mostly because he dunks right over them.

Honorable Mention: Shannon Brown, Jason Richardson, Jason Maxiell, Nate Robinson, Kevin Garnett, J.R. Smith, Jamario Moon, Shawn Marion

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