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NFL Power Rankings (Week 11)

1)  Colts (9-0) – LW 2

Although they are still undefeated they have to work out their running problems in order to go deep into the playoffs.

2)  Saints (9-0) – LW 1

Drew Brees has come down to earth in his past four games and so have the Saints.

3)  Vikings (8-1) – LW 4

Favre and Sidney Rice look to be in sync on the deep ball.

4)  Bengals (7-2) – LW 5

The good, they swept the Steelers. The bad, they lost Cedric Benson to injury for at least a week. The ugly, they signed Larry Johnson. 

5)  Steelers (6-3) – LW 3

They can get right back on track after a loss to the Bengals with a win next week against the struggling Chiefs.

6)  Patriots (6-3) – LW 6

What was Belichick thinking?

7)  Cardinals (6-3) – LW 8

The Cardinals are quietly putting together another potential playoff season, and they play the Rams next week for a chance to go 7-3.

8)  Chargers (6-3) – LW 11

A win at Denver next week will put them in prime position to win the division.

9)  Broncos (6-3) – LW 7

If Orton can’t play next week the Broncos are in big trouble.

10)  Cowboys (6-3) – LW 9

The Cowboys looked like they were for real, but a bad performance against the Packers last week showed that they are just a middle of the pack team.

11)  Eagles (5-4) – LW 12

With Brian Westbrook expected to be out for at least a couple of weeks, rookie LeSean McCoy has to fill in for the crucial playoff run.

12)  Ravens (5-4) – LW 14

The offense isn’t playing up to their potential and the defense doesn’t look like the top 3 defense we are used to seeing.

13)  Texans (5-4) – LW 13

They get a chance to show the world that they are much improved as they play on MNF next week against the Titans.

14)  Packers (5-4) – LW 16

A much-needed win against the Cowboys after a disaster in Tampa last week.

15)  Falcons (5-4) – LW 10

The defense is young and inexperienced and Matt Ryan and Michael Turner don’t look to be the same all-stars we saw last season.

16)  Giants (5-4) – LW 15

They got lucky with the both the Eagles and Cowboys losing last week.

17)  Jaguars (5-4) – LW 21

MJD ran all over the Bills. Watch out for the dangerous Jags.

18)  Dolphins (4-5) – LW 17

They escaped with a win against the Bucs, but it came at a cost as Ronnie Brown was placed on the IR, ending his season.

19)  Panthers (4-5) – LW 22

Is this the same team we saw in the beginning of the season?

20)  49ers (4-5) – LW 20

Their trying to build on a solid defensive performance and a win last week against the Bears.

21)  Titans (3-6) – LW 23

Vince Young has played well, but Chris Johnson looks like a favorite for MVP this season.

22)  Jets (4-5) – LW 18

A rematch against the Patriots next week in the Meadowlands, but I don’t expect the same result as earlier in the season.

23)  Bears (4-5) – LW 19

They have lost four of their last five games, largely in part by turnovers by Cutler, especially in the red-zone.

24)  Seahawks (3-6) – LW 24

Under-achieving on offense and their defense can’t rush the passer.

25)  Redskins (3-6) – LW 26

They finally scored over 20 points and got an impressive win against a good Broncos team. 

26)  Bills (3-6) – LW 25

Head Coach Dick Jauron was fired and T.O. will certainly voice his opinions for the rest of the season.  

27)  Chiefs (2-7) – LW 27

Cutting Larry Johnson was the first step in their attempt to regain some respect.

28)  Bucs (1-8) – LW 29

Josh Freeman has played extremely well in his first two games as a starter. He has the Bucs somewhat interesting again.

29)  Raiders (2-7) – LW 28

They have no weapons on offense and they seemingly get worse and worse every week.

30)  Lions (1-8) – LW 30

One positive piece of news for the Lions, they play the Browns next week.

31)  Rams (1-8) – LW 31

The Rams have one of the best running backs in the league and a great defensive mind as their head coach so there is plenty of upside ahead. 

32)  Browns (1-8) – LW 32

I thought scoring zero points and not coming any where near field goal range against the Ravens was pretty bad, but Brady Quinn throwing two Hail Mary passes out of bounds is just pathetic.

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