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NFL Power Rankings (Week 13)

1)  Saints (11-0) – LW 2

The Saints showed they’re the real deal after a Monday Night thrashing of the Patriots.

2)  Colts (11-0) – LW 1

The Colts have looked human the past couple of weeks, so watch out for the streaking Titans next week.

3)  Vikings (10-1) – LW 3

The Vikings have been overshadowed by the Colts and Saints so far, but they are a solid, deep team that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

4)  Chargers (8-3) – LW 5

The Chargers are on a 6 game win streak. Have they finally learned how to play up to their potential for a whole season?

5)  Bengals (8-3) – LW 7

Solid defense and a strong running game are essential for a playoff run and the Bengals have both.

6)  Cardinals (7-4) – LW 6

Leinart held his own last week, but the Cardinals need Warner back for the passing game to get back to true form.

7)  Patriots (7-4) – LW 4

The Patriots have some serious issues on defense.

8)  Cowboys (8-3) – LW 8

Yet another Thanksgiving Day win for the Boys.

9)  Eagles (7-4) – LW 10

We all know that Maclin and Jackson are dangerous deep threats, but Jason Avant has emerged as the big third down possession receiver for the Eagles.

10)  Packers (7-4) – LW 12

The Packers have won 3 straight and look to have their offensive line problems fixed.

11)  Steelers (6-5) – LW 9

The Steelers have lost 3 straight and desperately need Roethlisberger back next week.

12)  Broncos (7-4) – LW 13

A convincing win over the Giants may get them back to original form.

13)  Ravens (6-5) – LW 15

Although they have been somewhat of a letdown so far this season, they still have a great shot at a wild-card spot.

14)  Giants (6-5) – LW 11

The Giants have no room for error as their schedule gets tougher with the Cowboys and Eagles coming into the Meadowlands the next 2 weeks.

15)  Titans (5-6) – LW 19

The Titans are riding their 5 game win streak into Indy to face the undefeated Colts.

16)  Falcons (6-5) – LW 16

Without Matt Ryan the Falcon’s chances of beating the Eagles and staying alive for a playoff spot seem slim.

17)  Jaguars ( 6-5) – LW 14

The inconsistent Jaguars floundered last week against the 49ers.

18)  Texans (5-6) – LW 18

After losing 3 straight and blowing another game to the Colts the under-achieving Texans look to be all but finished.

19)  Dolphins (5-6) – LW 17

Chad Henne finally looked like a rookie last week, throwing 3 interceptions in the fourth quarter.

20)  49ers (5-6) – LW 21

With a win against the Seahawks the 49ers can get back to .500 and continue their undefeated streak within the division.

21)  Jets (5-6) – LW 22

Good win for the Jets at home last week, but it might be too little too late.

22)  Panthers (4-7) – LW 20 

More turnovers by Jake Delhomme last week and he capped off his dreadful outing against the Jets by suffering a broken finger.

23)  Bears (4-7) – LW 23

It’s not a good sign when your quarterback has 20 interceptions and your most reliable receiver is running back Matt Forte.

24)  Bills (4-7) – LW 27

The Bills showed some life through the air for their new interim head coach.

25)  Seahawks (4-7) – LW 25

A struggling running game doesn’t help Hasselbeck feel any more comfortable as opposing defenses pin their ears back and come after him on almost every down.

26)  Chiefs (3-8) – LW 24

Just when you thought the Chiefs were making strides to get better they get blown out by 29 points to the Chargers.

27)  Redskins (3-8) – LW 26

The Redskins have too many injuries to withstand any form of consistent football.

28)  Raiders (3-8) – LW 28

I say it’s time to clean house in Oakland, and that includes Al Davis stepping down as owner.

29)  Lions (2-9) – LW 29

Another poor showing by the Lions on Thanksgiving.

30)  Bucs (1-10) – LW 30

At least it looks like they have a quarterback to build around for the future in Josh Freeman.

31)  Rams (1-10) – LW 31

Not a good first season for new coach Steve Spagnoulo.

32)  Browns (1-10) – LW 32

After their offensive explosion against the Lions the Browns came back to Earth last week against the Bengals.

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