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NFL Divisional Round Preview


Jets @ Chargers

After a great all around performance against the Bengals last week, the Jets and their borderline cocky coach Rex Ryan are in for a rude awakening this week against the streaking Chargers. The Chargers come into their first playoff game on an 11 game win streak and coming off an all important first round bye. The high-powered Chargers offense goes up against the #1 rated defense of the Jets, but something has to give. I think the Chargers solid offensive line and big, physical receivers will be too much for the Jets secondary to handle.


Ravens @ Colts

The Colts and MVP Peyton Manning go up against the rugged Ravens in what looks to be a very intriguing divisional matchup. The Colts have a great, balanced offense while the Ravens have a solid defense and a superb running game. The Colts only flaw is their battered secondary, but I don’t think the Ravens have a good enough passing game to both keep up with the Colts offense and exploit the Colts secondary.

Prediction – Colts


Cardinals @ Saints

The Saints come into their first playoff game on a 3 game losing streak and searching for their lost confidence. The Cardinals, however, come into their matchup with the Saints after a shoot-out win against the Packers. This game should be another high scoring affair, but I think the key to the game will be which team can run the ball. I believe that the Cardinals passing game is at least just as good as the Saints passing attack, and the Cardinals running game is more consistent than the Saints running game.

Prediction – Cardinals 

Cowboys @ Vikings

The Cowboys run into Minnesota on a 4 game winning streak. Their defense has been absolutely terrific during the 4 game win streak and their offense is balanced and extremely dangerous. The Vikings run defense is one of the best in the league and their passing attack is explosive with play-makers like Brett Favre, Sidney Rice, and Percy Harvin. The edge in this evenly matched game goes to the team that has been playing the best football of late, the Dallas Cowboys.

Prediction – Cowboys

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