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Bronx Zoo: Jorge Posada

As you may know, Yankees catcher/DH Jorge Posada removed himself from the lineup on Saturday, May 14. Posada said his ailing back was one factor in his removal. He also added that he needed a “mental day off” due to his struggles thus far this season. Personally, I think Posada’s removal from the lineup had everything to do with manager Joe Girardi placing him in the 9-hole. In my opinion, Posada felt disrespected and felt that his previous stats and overall stature as a Yankee did not warrant this “demotion” within the lineup. I understand that Jorge has been a big part of and is/was among the Yankee “core 4” that lead to 5 World Series Championships, but he’s hitting a horrendous .165 and provides nothing in terms of defense off the bench. The DH is a power and production “position” within the lineup and Posada is far from either. Posada apologized for his actions earlier today, but if he doesn’t start hitting the Yankees will have to make a decision on both his future and the future of the team. By the way, 21-year-old Jesus Montero, the number 3 prospect in the MLB according to Baseball America, and his .336 batting average is lurking in the shadows.

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