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Horton Out After Rome Hit

Boston Bruins’ right winger Nathan Horton has been ruled out for the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals due to a severe concussion as a result of a malicious late hit to the head by Vancouver Canucks’ defenseman Aaron Rome. This is a huge loss for Boston. Horton has scored 17 points (8 goals and 9 assists) this post-season including 2 game-winning goals, both coming in Game 7’s. In fact, Horton is the only player in NHL history to score 2 game-winners in two different Game 7’s. Big-time names like Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, and David Krejci to name a few must step-up and fill the void left by the 26 year-old Horton. Aaron Rome, on the other hand, will meet with the NHL later this morning and is expected to receive a 1 or 2 game suspension for his blatantly unwarranted, late hit to the head. In my opinion, Rome should be suspended for the rest of the Finals, especially considering he has been a repeat offender. Nonetheless, we should have a great series from here on out as the Bruins showed their not going to go out quietly, exemplified by a 8 – 1 thrashing of the Canucks last night in Game 3.

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