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Letting it Rain, Mark Cuban Style

The Dallas Mavericks celebrated their first ever NBA Championship at Liv nightclub in South Beach with some very well-known celebrities. Lil’ Wayne and Trey Songz headlined the star-studded guest list, but a surprising current NBA player also joined in on the celebration. Erick Dampier, the backup center for the Miami Heat was also living it up with the champs. Granted, Dampier played for the Mavs for 6 years before joining the Heat and I’m sure he still has some friends on the team but come on man, really! The Miami Heat, the team under which you are currently employed just lost the NBA Finals and your out partying with the team that just beat you about 2 hours later. Chris Bosh cried after the loss. Dwyane Wade was clearly disappointed and distraught. LeBron James tried to vindicate his horrid Finals and take out his frustration by telling all the “haters” about his “glorious” lifestyle, and Erick Dampier shows up at the Mavs nightclub celebration, ridiculous.

Anyway, back to the Mavs. Owner Mark Cuban rented out Liv nightclub for the night to the tune of upwards of 110K, pocket change for Cuban but still that’s a hell of a lot of money to spend on one night of partying. Cuban topped off the lavish expense with a reported 20K tip, nice touch. Mark Cuban is known for being a go-getter, unafraid to spend money and always coming up with unique and innovative ideas. Cuban lived up to his reputation by reportedly offering to pay for the Maverick’s championship parade through Dallas on Wednesday, another 110K expense. It looks like Cuban is definitely willing to bask in the Mavs’ championship glory, and well…he should.

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