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MoGo Sport: The Flavored Mouth Guard

MoGo Sport, a small sport marketing company located in Connecticut is all set to release the world’s first ever flavored mouth guard. Mouth guards are used at all levels, from youth to professional. Players in a wide variety of sports such as basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, extreme sports, you name it, they wear them. But, aren’t mouth guards so boring and undervalued? Many of us treat our mouth guards like dirt, literally. This makes absolutely no sense at all, considering we put them in our mouth! I know from personal experience that mouth guards get absolutely abused. I’ve dropped mine on the floor, chewed on it, stuck it in my pocket, and even tucked it into my sweaty waistband. You would think athletes would handle something that’s in their mouths for a significant amount of time with some respect, but for some reason they don’t seem to value the importance of mouth guards. Well, MoGo Sport is out to change the way you treat your mouth guard for good. I know for sure that if my mouth guard tasted good, I would probably never take it out of my mouth.

Right now, MoGo Sport is launching 4 introductory flavors: mint, lemon, fruit punch, and orange (many more to come). Each individual flavor is infused into the mouth guard and has been deemed completely safe and nontoxic by the FDA. MoGo Sports promises that the long-lasting flavors of their mouth guards will not overshadow the quality of their product. Each and every mouth guard will provide every athlete with the necessary comfort, protection, and performance while also adding long-lasting, great flavor. MoGo Sport’s Flavored Mouth Guards come in both youth and adult sizes and will be available online and in sporting goods retail stores throughout the US by the end of June. Check out their website @ www.mogosport.com for more information on this new, innovative, and transcendent product.

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