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Mets Trade Francisco Rodriguez to Brewers; Yanks Said No

The New York Mets parted ways with closer Frankie Rodriguez late last night after the conclusion of the 2011 All-Star game. The Mets traded K-Rod along with $5 million to the Milwaukee Brewers for two players to be named later. The deal saved the Mets from potentially owing Rodriguez another $17-plus million in the event he finished 55 games this season. The trade also sets up the Mets for future trades of Carlos Beltran and potentially Jose Reyes as the July 31 deadline rapidly approaches. The $17-plus million the Mets saved by trading the often disgruntled closer also gives the Mets more money to use towards signing Jose Reyes in the off-season, in the event they don’t trade him.

K-Rod could have just as easily been a member of the cross-town rival New York Yankees. Joel Sherman of the New York Post is reporting that the Yanks rejected a proposed trade for Rodriguez. Sherman says the deal was similar to the one accepted by the Brewers, but the Yankees weren’t sold that Frankie would be happy in a seventh or eighth inning role.

The Mets made a very necessary business deal by trading Rodriguez. The couldn’t afford to be handcuffed by his finished games bonus and made a good deal for the future aspirations of the club. Look for outfielder Carlos Beltran to be the next player the Mets look to trade. Giants’ closer Brian Wilson expressed interest in Beltran after the All-Star game last night so that’s a definite possibility.

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