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NFL Lockout Close to an End; MLB Trade Deadline Near

Reports have surfaced claiming the NFL lockout could come to an end as early as today, while others say a deal is still a week or two away. NFL owners, players, and the media are gathering in Atlanta today for meetings starting at 10 a.m. Whether a deal is reached today or in the coming weeks isn’t really a huge concern as a deal will get done eventually and regular season games will not be missed. Right now it looks like only the Hall of Fame game between the Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams on August 7 is in jeopardy.

While NFL labor negotiations continue to develop in Atlanta, MLB teams all over the country are frantically searching for ways to improve their clubs as the July 31 trading deadline approaches. “Buyers” like the Yankees, Red Sox, Brewers, and Cardinals are looking for that one guy who leap-frogs them into World Series contention while “sellers” like the Royals, Mariners, Cubs, and Astros search for ways to dump unfriendly contracts for elite young prospects.

The MLB trading deadline is always an exciting time for sports fans as rumors swirl and season-changing trades are made. But this year sports fans have an added bonus to the late-July frenzy. The NFL lockout will soon end which means free agency will begin. Teams will have three days to try to sign their own free agents first, after which it will become a free-for-all. Signings will be frequent in the coming days and weeks after the lockout is lifted as over 450 free agents seek employment.

So get ready for a wild and crazy end of July sports fans. The MLB trading deadline coupled with NFL free agency will surely have heads spinning and ESPN bottom-lines on the fritz.

I can’t wait…

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