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What We Learned: NFL Week 7

Tim Tebow

I’ll be honest, I thought Tebow would play much better than he did and frankly he played poorly for the first 57 minutes of the game. He missed receivers left and right and took way too many sacks. To put it straight, he needs to get a lot better. But, and this a massive but, Tim Tebow won the game! He led the Broncos back from 15 points down with 3 minutes to go and eventually won on a field goal in overtime. It wasn’t pretty, in fact it was hard to watch at times but Tebow is a winner and that’s exactly what he did.

Joe Flacco

The 4th year quarterback out of Delaware showed his inconsistency once again against the Jaguars on Monday Night Football. Flacco completed 21 of 38 passes for 137 and an interception against an inspired Jags defense. In his last 3 games, Flacco has 1 touchdown pass and 3 interceptions while completing only 49% of his passes. I’ve been adamant in saying that the Ravens will never win a Super Bowl with a sputtering Joe Flacco at quarterback, and his recent play is yet another example.

Matt Forte

What more does Matt Forte have to prove before he’s rewarded with a new contract. It’s absolutely insane the way the Bears are treating their best player. He hasn’t complained once about his clearly unfair contract situation and continues to rack up the yards and touchdowns in both the running and passing game. Forte leads the league in yards from scrimmage, reception yards by a running back, and is 3rd in rushing yards.

Seattle Seahawks & Cleveland Browns

I can think of few things worse than having to watch this game. The fact that the Browns possessed the ball for 43 minutes opposed to the 17 minutes by the Seahawks and only won by 3 points is absurdly baffling and downright laughable. The Seahawks finished with 137 total yards. To put that atrocity in perspective, individuals like Adrian Peterson, DeMarco Murray, Arian Foster, Matt Forte, and Steve Smith all had more total yards on their own than did the entire Seahawks team last week.

  1. October 25, 2011 at 4:01 PM

    Flacco and Cam Cameron could easily be playing themselves at of a job, and there is no reason to take the Ravens seriously until both perform better on Sundays.


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