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No More Sympathy for Joe Paterno!

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. I go to school at York College of Pennsylvania so needless to say I’m surrounded by Penn State enthusiasts and even more so, Joe Paterno supporters. Here’s the deal. Jerry Sandusky committed some awful crimes against children while both on and off Joe Paterno’s coaching staff. He committed these crimes on the campus of Penn State and within the football facilities. Mike McQueary witnessed these wrongdoings and told Paterno, who then went to the AD. Legally, that’s all JoePa needed to do, but morally that’s a totally different story.

Paterno is a man who has always stood for high moral character and integrity. The fact that he did nothing but tell the AD about a crime as heinous as this one is downright egregious. Paterno has more power and authority than 99% of those within the Penn State community and therefore is held to a much higher standard. He admittedly did not do enough and therefore his firing is absolutely warranted.

So if you want to feel sorry for someone, choose one of the nine victims and their families. Don’t choose JoePa. He essentially turned a blind eye to a serious matter and his silence served as the ultimate sign of enabling. Joe Paterno will never be forgotten for his actions, or lack thereof, in the most disturbing story in college sports history.

  1. EOT
    November 10, 2011 at 2:25 PM

    I totally agree, but here’s my question – this guy Mike McQueary, what’s his deal? who else did he tell? police, admin? where does he stand in the investigation? It seems to me that his morals should also be in question.

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