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What We Learned: NFL Week 12

AFC East

New York Jets – A win is a win, but what an ugly win it was.

New England Patriots – Despite the revolving door in the secondary the defense continues to progress.

Buffalo Bills – Fitzpatrick and the Bills are 0-4 since his contract extension.

Miami Dolphins – Another close, tough loss.

AFC West

Denver Broncos – Tebow proves the critics wrong once again, but let’s also give credit to the defense. Their playing phenomenally.

Kansas City Chiefs – Solid effort against a very good Steelers team but came up short in the end.

Oakland Raiders – Took advantage of a Cutler-less Bears team and relied heavily on Janikowski’s leg.

San Diego Chargers – Norv Turner is luckky if he lasts the entire season as the Chargers have now lost 6 in a row.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens – Classic, physical, grind it out Ravens victory.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Lucky to escape with a win, but Polamalu left with an injury.

Cleveland Browns – Peyton Hillis returned but wasn’t enough in the end.

Cincinnati Bengals – Good win on the road by Andy Dalton to keep the Bengals in the playoff hunt.

AFC South

Houston Texans – First Schaub, now Leinart. TJ Yates and Jake Delhomme have their work cut out for them.

Indianapolis Colts – Another loss to move to 0-11. Dan Orlovsky gets his first start next week. He has some experience quarterbacking winless teams (’08 Lions went 0-16).

Tennessee Titans – CJ runs for 190 as the Titans try to take advantage of the Texans’ misfortune and steal the division.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Del Rio fired as Jags lose…again.

NFC East

New York Giants – Pathetic performance against the Saints on the road. Manning was the only player who looked like he wanted to be there.

Dallas Cowboys – Romo and the Boys squek out another victory and extend their winning streak to 4.

Philadelphia Eagles – Vince Young looked good in a blowout, but I seriously think DeSean Jackson has checked out.

Washington Redskins – Sexy Rexy leading an impressive  4th quarter comeback while Roy Helu finally show signs of brilliance.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers – Alex Smith’s interception proved to be the difference. Niners aren’t talented enough to overcome turnovers

St. Louis Rams – Big plays burn them again.

Arizona Cardinals – New rule: don’t kick to Patrick Peterson.

Seattle Seahawks – Blew a 4th quarter lead to Rex Grossman! Shame on you!

NFC North

Chicago Bears – Hanie was poor to say the least, but I still believe the Bears defense and special teams are good enough to get them 3 more wins.

Green Bay Packers – We finally saw some of last year’s defense.

Detroit Lions – A second half meltdown highlighted by Suh’s slam and stomp has Lions fans reverting back to old memories.

Minnesota Vikings – Not enough talent to win without AP.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – Got a much-needed win against the Titans but have to start finding a way to win within the division.

New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees and the Saints offense is unstoppable at home, but I still don’t think they are a threat to the Packers because of their road struggles.

Tampa Bay Bucs – Blount’s hurdles weren’t enough. Huge disappointment.

Carolina Panthers – Interception with their backs to the wall sealed the victory. The defense finally stepped up, granted it was against the Colts.

  1. November 30, 2011 at 6:27 PM

    Fitzpatrick and the Bills are 0-4 since his contract extension…that’s why the Bills aren’t going anywhere soon, because management jumps the gun and make poor decisions.

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