What We Learned: NFL Week 11

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

AFC East

New York Jets – Sanchez can’t complete a pass if his first option isn’t open, the defense can’t stop a quarterback who they know is going to run, and Rex Ryan is cursing at fans. Jets are in big trouble.

New England Patriots – Despite the revolving door in the secondary the defense continues to progress.

Buffalo Bills – Fitzpatrick and the Bills are 0-4 since his contract extension.

Miami Dolphins – 3 in a row. Told you the Fins weren’t as bad as their record said they were. Read more…


NFL Week 11 Predictions

November 19, 2011 2 comments

My picks to win are in bold.

Note: The Thursday night game between the New York Jets and Denver Broncos has been excluded…Tebow = WINNER!

Week 11

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

Mike Vick and Jeremy Maclin out, Vince Young in. Giants should be able to take advantage.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cleveland Browns

Jags are bad, Browns are worse.

Carolina Panthers @ Detroit Lions

Stafford has struggled lately, but they NEED a win.

Tampa Bay Bucs @ Green Bay Packers

Can’t pick against the cheese-heads.

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

Dolphins have won 2 in a row and Bills have lost 2 in a row.

Oakland Raiders @ Minnesota Vikings

Raiders ground game should make the difference.

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

Boys are on a roll, have to take advantage of a weak upcoming schedule.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

Ravens play well against good teams.

Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams

Toss up. I’ll give the edge to the home team.

Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers

Niners are too focused and well-coached to have a letdown.

Tennessee Titans @ Atlanta Falcons

CJ vs. the Burner. Edge goes to the Burner.

San Diego Chargers @ Chicago Bears

Bears defense will feast off of Rivers’ poor decision making.

Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots

Two words: Tyler Palko.

*Last Week: 8-7

**Season: 95-50

What We Learned: NFL Week 10

November 17, 2011 5 comments

I’m switching up the format of “What We Learned” so I can include every single NFL team instead of just a few.

AFC East

New York Jets – Soooo, about that Rex Ryan defense…

New England Patriots – Two words, vintage Brady.

Buffalo Bills – David Nelson’s touchdown catch and celebration with his cheerleader girlfriend was by far the highlight for the Bills.

Miami Dolphins – Two in a row! I like their chances to make it 3 at home against the sputtering Bills. Read more…

NFL Week 10 Predictions

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment

My picks to win are in bold.

Note: The Thursday night game between the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers has been excluded.

Week 10

New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers

Tough game but Giants offense will be the difference.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Saints struggle on the road and Falcons have finally gone back to the run.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton has played well, but he hasn’t faced a defense like the Steelers yet.

St. Louis Rams @ Cleveland Browns

Browns are horrendous on offense. Steven Jackson and Brandon Lloyd should have huge games.

Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys are without Miles Austin, and Bills want revenge after suffering a beatdown at home.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts

MJD should run for miles.

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

Tebow will find a way to get the dubb.

Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins

Dolphins aren’t as bad as their record says they are.

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

No DeSean Jackson but this is a must win.

Houston Texans @ Tampa Bay Bucs

Gerald McCoy is out for the season. Not good against the league’s best rushing attack.

Tennessee Titans @ Carolina Panthers

Chris Johnson has been nonexistent.

Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks commit too many turnovers.

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

Bears are playing tremendously on both sides of the ball.

New England Patriots @ New York Jets

Tom Brady is 0-2 on the road against Rex Ryan’s Jets.

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

Should be a shootout, but Vikings can’t hang with Rodgers and co.

*Last Week: 8-6

**Season: 87-43

No More Sympathy for Joe Paterno!

November 10, 2011 1 comment

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. I go to school at York College of Pennsylvania so needless to say I’m surrounded by Penn State enthusiasts and even more so, Joe Paterno supporters. Here’s the deal. Jerry Sandusky committed some awful crimes against children while both on and off Joe Paterno’s coaching staff. He committed these crimes on the campus of Penn State and within the football facilities. Mike McQueary witnessed these wrongdoings and told Paterno, who then went to the AD. Legally, that’s all JoePa needed to do, but morally that’s a totally different story. Read more…

What We Learned: NFL Week 9

November 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Eli Manning

As a Giants fan, I was obviously elated when my G-Men went into Foxboro and took down the mighty Patriots. Eli Manning outplayed Tom Brady and justified his pre-season elite quarterback status claims as he led the offense on an 8 play 80 yard game winning drive with only 1:30 left on the clock. The drive culminated in a Jake Ballard touchdown, and the Giants won 24-20. Read more…

NFL Week 9 Predictions

November 5, 2011 1 comment

My picks to win are in bold.

Bye Week Teams: Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 9

New York Giants @ New England Patriots

Giants should be able to get to Brady, but the Patriots always find a way to win at home.

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

Jets are 0-3 on the road. Bills are 4-0 at home.

Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys

Romo and the passing game should return to form against a horrible secondary.

Atlanta Falcons @ Indianapolis Colts


Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs

Dolphins play tough but don’t now how to finish games. Chiefs keep rolling.

Tampa Bay Bucs @ New Orleans Saints

Saints get back on track at the Superdome after a shocking defeat against the Rams.

San Francisco 49ers @ Washington Redskins

Redskins are falling apart, cough Mike Shanahan cough, and Jim Harbaugh has the 49ers playing inspired football.

Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans

Peyton Hillis is out once again. Arian Foster should have another career day.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans

Cedric Benson returns from suspension and Bengals defense is stout.

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

I’m sticking my neck out once again. Tebow will outplay Palmer.

St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

Bradford should be back and Steven Jackson is healthy again.

Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers

Chargers are way too unpredictable and Rivers has been off his game.

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Ravens have struggled recently and Steelers seek revenge.

Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia Eagles

This is a tough one. but I’ll take the resurgent Eagles at home.

*Last Week: 8-5

**Season: 79-37

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