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What We Learned: NFL Week 14

December 13, 2011 3 comments

AFC East

New York Jets – Resounding and much needed win against a depleted Chiefs squad as they keep their playoff hopes alive.

New England Patriots – Got all they could handle from the Redskins but Brady and Gronkowski proved to be too much in the end.

Buffalo Bills – Falling apart, crumbling, disintegrating, etc.

Miami Dolphins – Winning ways come to an end as Vick spoils the party. Read more…


What We Learned: NFL Week 13

December 7, 2011 1 comment

AFC East

New York Jets – Opened it up in the 4th quarter. Much needed victory.

New England Patriots – Had a little more trouble with the Colts than anyone expected but a win is a win and their in the driver’s seat.

Buffalo Bills – Have now lost 5 in a row since Fitzpatrick’s extension.

Miami Dolphins – Look like a buzz-saw as they have won 4 or their last 5 games.

AFC West

Denver Broncos – Tebow and the Broncos complete another second half comeback and find themselves atop the AFC West.

Kansas City Chiefs – A Hail Mary touchdown pass at the end of the first half proved to be the game winner, who would have guessed that.

Oakland Raiders – Terrible performance in Miami and lost their grasp on the division in the process.

San Diego Chargers – Finally, a win!

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens – Stop everything, they avoided a letdown!

Pittsburgh Steelers – Looking more and more like the Steelers of old as the season progresses.

Cleveland Browns – Someone needs to tell the receivers that they have to actually catch and hold onto the ball.

Cincinnati Bengals – Showed their youth and inexperience against the pride of the AFC North.

AFC South

Houston Texans – Great win against a quality opponent. Hopefully Andre Johnson isn’t hurt too seriously though.

Indianapolis Colts – Great effort down the stretch but a winless season looks to be inevitable.

Tennessee Titans – CJ finally put up back to back fantastic performances, look out for the Titans.

Jacksonville Jaguars – New coach same old result.

NFC East

New York Giants – Valiant effort but fell just short.

Dallas Cowboys – That clock mismanagement sums up the Cowboys over the past decade. Why didn’t they call a timeout after the Dez Bryant catch and why are you icing your own kicker?!

Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles are officially done after that performance…pathetic.

Washington Redskins – Played well for 3 quarters, too bad the game lasts 4.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers – Another dominating win against an inferior opponent, no letdowns.

St. Louis Rams – Um, yea…

Arizona Cardinals – Defense is much improved and Kolb is back. Look like a playoff team’s worst nightmare.

Seattle Seahawks – I would not want to play the Seahawks looking at the way Marshawn Lynch is playing right now, beast mode.

NFC North

Chicago Bears – First Jay Cutler, now Matt Forte. The Bears playoff chances just took a major hit.

Green Bay Packers – Barely cleared their last hurdle and should cruise to an undefeated record.

Detroit Lions – Lost 2 in a row but favorable schedule the rest of the way with the exception of the Packers.

Minnesota Vikings – Percy Harvin was sensational but Ponder made a critical mistake in crunch time.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – Horrible loss against a Schaub-less Texans squad. Extremely inconsistent.

New Orleans Saints – Scary, scary, scary!…at home. We’ll see what they look like outside in January.

Tampa Bay Bucs – Haven’t been winning with Freeman, definitely not going to win without him.

Carolina Panthers – Cam looks like a seasoned vet. He’s gonna be gooooood!

What We Learned: NFL Week 12

November 29, 2011 1 comment

AFC East

New York Jets – A win is a win, but what an ugly win it was.

New England Patriots – Despite the revolving door in the secondary the defense continues to progress.

Buffalo Bills – Fitzpatrick and the Bills are 0-4 since his contract extension.

Miami Dolphins – Another close, tough loss. Read more…

What We Learned: NFL Week 11

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

AFC East

New York Jets – Sanchez can’t complete a pass if his first option isn’t open, the defense can’t stop a quarterback who they know is going to run, and Rex Ryan is cursing at fans. Jets are in big trouble.

New England Patriots – Despite the revolving door in the secondary the defense continues to progress.

Buffalo Bills – Fitzpatrick and the Bills are 0-4 since his contract extension.

Miami Dolphins – 3 in a row. Told you the Fins weren’t as bad as their record said they were. Read more…

What We Learned: NFL Week 10

November 17, 2011 5 comments

I’m switching up the format of “What We Learned” so I can include every single NFL team instead of just a few.

AFC East

New York Jets – Soooo, about that Rex Ryan defense…

New England Patriots – Two words, vintage Brady.

Buffalo Bills – David Nelson’s touchdown catch and celebration with his cheerleader girlfriend was by far the highlight for the Bills.

Miami Dolphins – Two in a row! I like their chances to make it 3 at home against the sputtering Bills. Read more…

2011 AFC West Preview & Predictions

August 17, 2011 6 comments

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are notorious under-achievers, but I think this is the year they finally live up to all the hype and talent level. Philip Rivers is a top 5 quarterback in the NFL and he has plenty of weapons to work with. Malcolm Floyd and Vincent Jackson are big receivers who pose substantial mis-matches for opposing defenses. Couple that with a fast, opportunistic defense and the Chargers should come away with the division crown.

Key Arrivals – Laurent Robinson, Travis LaBoy, Takeo Spikes, Bob Sanders

Key Departures – Darren Sproles, Legedu Naanee, Buster Davis, Kevin Burnett

Prediction – 11-5/First in AFC West Read more…

NFL Power Rankings (Week 14)

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

1)  Saints (12-0) – LW 1

The Saints capitalized on a chip-shot missed field goal and came away with a 33-30 victory in overtime against the Redskins.

2)  Colts (12-0) – LW 2

The Colts kept their undefeated season alive with a win against the streaking Titans.

3)  Vikings (10-2) – LW 3

Favre finally looked human against a stifling Cardinals defense.

4)  Chargers (9-3) – LW 4

The Chargers are on an impressive 7 game win streak.

5)  Bengals (9-3) – LW 5

They clinched their first winning record since 1991 with their win against the Lions last week.

6)  Cardinals (8-4) – LW 6

The Cardinals are a surprising 3-3 at home and 5-1 on the road this season.

7)  Packers (8-4) – LW 10

The Packer’s defense, which is rated #1 overall, was flying around the field in their MNF win against the Ravens.

8)  Eagles (8-4) – LW 9

They took advantage of an injury plagued Falcons team last week.

9)  Broncos (8-4) – LW 12

An absolute rout of the Chiefs helped the Broncos keep pace in the top-heavy AFC West.

10)  Cowboys (8-4) – LW 8

Their usual December woes began with their loss against the Giants last week.

11)  Patriots (7-5) – LW 7

They just can’t get it done in Miami.

12)  Giants (7-5) – LW 14

The only time the Giants show some spirit is when they play the Cowboys.

13)  Jaguars (7-5) – LW 17

A win against the Dolphins next week will put them in great position to make the playoffs.

14)  Dolphins (6-6) – LW 19

Chad Henne is growing into a better qb everyday.

15)  Steeleres (6-6) – LW 11

They’re to good to keep blowing these leads.

16)  Ravens (6-6) – LW 13

Their offense has struggled for most of the season.

17)  Titans (5-7) – LW 15

Wasted opportunities stopped the Titans 5 game win streak.

18)  Falcons (6-6) – LW 16

Injuries to Matt Ryan and Michael Turner were too much to overcome against the Eagles.

19)  Jets (6-6) – LW 21

Rookie Mark Sanchez will not play next week due to a knee injury.

20)  Panthers (5-7) – LW 22

Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.

21)  49ers (5-7) – LW 20

Vernon Davis has emerged as a legitimate, consistent threat in the passing game.

22)  Bears (5-7) – LW 23

Not an impressive win against a bad Rams team.

23)  Texans (5-7) – LW 18

They have the talent but they don’t know how to play a complete 60 minutes.

24)  Seahawks (5-7) – LW 25

One week they’re impressive, the next week they look horrible.

25)  Raiders (4-8) – LW 28

Gradkowski to Murphy is looking like a solid combination the past 3 weeks, just ask the Steelers.

26)  Bills (4-8) – LW 24

No offense and a poor run defense aren’t a great combination for success.

27)  Redskins (3-9) – LW 27

Tough loss against the undefeated Saints. Suisham has to make that chip-shot field goal.

28)  Chiefs (3-9) – LW 26

Embarrassing outing at home against the Broncos.

29)  Lions (2-10) – LW 29

Stafford is out next week due to a shoulder injury.

30)  Bucs (1-11) – LW 30

Rookie qb Josh Freeman’s 5 interceptions were too much for the Bucs to overcome and beat the Panthers.

31)  Rams (1-11) – LW 31

Injuries have absolutely dismantled the Rams.

32)  Browns (1-11) – LW 32

Another loss at home, they’re now 0-5.

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