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Some Love for the NHL

With the NHL regular season about to come to end I thought it was necessary to show some love for the most underappreciated of the 4 major sports leagues. Year after year the race for the playoffs in both conferences come down to the final handful of games and this year is no different. The Eastern Conference has 5 teams battling it out for the final 3 spots with the Canadiens, Sabres, and Rangers holding onto the 6, 7, and 8 seeds respectively. The Western Conference is even tighter as only 9 points separate the 4th seeded Kings from the 10th seeded Stars. The defending champion Blackhawks are currently holding onto the 8th and final seed in the West with both the Flames and Stars nipping at their heels. What makes the race even crazier is the fact that only 4 points separate the Kings and the Blackhawks with 4-5 games left to play. Conceivably, the defending champs could jump 4 spots in only a matter of a handful of games.

All the hype (and rightly so) around March Madness and the Cinderellas of the NCAA Tournament has taken most of the attention away from what in my opinion is definitely one of the most competitive times of the year in any sport, the NHL Playoffs. The NHL Postseason is unlike any other. The quality of play combined with the level of intensity and desire of each and every player on the ice is truly what makes the Stanley Cup Playoffs one of the best times of the sports year.

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